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We have designed and installed multi-station digital audio and video Intercom systems so we can fit multiple entrance sites such as apartment complexes, warehouse sites, high rise buildings, offices and town Houses.

Some of the brands that we use are Kocom, Hikvision, Dahua, Aiphone. These systems can also be expanded to control doors and gates, can have audio and video with infra red light so you can see the caller at night.

Some benefits for having Intercom system for your home or business :

  • Increased security – no need to open the door to see who is there.
  • Talk to your visitor without opening the door
  • The ability to open the door remotely, with just a simple push of a button
  • Single home or multiple apartment systems available

If you have an existing intercom system that is old and doesn’t work, Alpha Security Systems are able to upgrade your system using your existing wiring that can send audio and video as well as controlling doors and gates using a two wire system.

Intercom System for Home in Adelaide

It is important to protect your family from intruders or unwanted guests. A video intercom system is the best way to keep your family safe. It allows you to screen your visitors before they can even enter your property. You open the door only for guests that are expected or welcomed.

There are other benefits of video intercom systems. With these systems, you can remotely open the door for visitors. The chances of your kids opening the door to strangers reduces significantly. You can capture and store images of visitors. You can also communicate with someone in a different room with the help of an intercom.

We provide video intercom systems for domestic properties across Adelaide. We are experts at intercom system installations and fix your home with systems in the most professional manner. No unsightly wires are visible.

Elevate Home Security with Audio Intercom System in Adelaide

You are not always at home to ensure the safety of your family. This is where an intercom can help you! With the help of an audio intercom system, you can speak to your visitors. This helps you divert strangers and ensure the safety of your family even when you are not at home.

We, at Alpha Security Systems, know that the aesthetics of your home are important to you. This is why we provide you with solutions that hide the wires and fittings. We provide professional installations, ones that fit seamlessly into your home.


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